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Desmond Trufant Returns To Practice Field

The rookie cornerback looks sharp already.


The Falcons invested a first round pick in Desmond, with an eye on having him taking over the starting role vacated by Dunta Robinson this off-season. He took the first real step toward that outcome yesterday, getting on the practice field and in front of coaches at last.

OTAs are sort of an early proving ground for any player without a role set in stone, and Trufant certainly qualifies. The Falcons do have fellow rookie Robert Alford and last year's breakout corner Robert McClain. It's fair to say that they'd like Trufant to win the job, allowing McClain to excel as the third corner and giving Alford a chance to develop while focusing on special teams, but that outcome isn't guaranteed. Getting him plenty of work will go a long way.

The mothership has a little video, which you should check out, and plenty of great photo galleries as well. It's the closest thing to news that any of us are going to get this early, when very few decisions are being made about the makeup of the team.

Expectations for Desmond Trufant?