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Matt Ryan Very Pleased With Addition of Steven Jackson

Fact: Steven Jackson once killed a steroid-infused musk ox with his dreadlocks


The title of this article really is a foregone conclusion. Still, it's worth pointing out how excited Matt Ryan is about the addition of Steven Jackson.

"Steven Jackson is a guy that I think has come in and has been a leader," quarterback Matt Ryan said of Atlanta's new running back. "He really is. He's fun to play with and fun to work with. He's a guy that really cares."

"He’s one of the few guys that has called me when he’s not here and picked my brain about certain things that we’re doing and I think that says a lot about him," Ryan said.

Does this mean Ryan doesn't miss Michael Turner? Not necessarily, and frankly that's just not the point. Turner was great for this franchise, but he endured a lot both professionally and personally the last couple of years. He's still unemployed, and I'm assuming he doesn't like that, but the move was necessarily from a personnel standpoint. Throw Jackson in the equation, and what we have is the best of all possible outcomes.

The extraordinary leadership Jackson brings to the table is invaluable. The fact that Ryan is taking note of it publicly only seven practices into the 2013 season sure puts a smile on my face.

Your thoughts?