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2013 Atlanta Falcons OTAs: Mike Johnson Continues His Versatile Ways

The tackle/guard hybrid is continuing to try to find his role

Kevin C. Cox

The OTAs are back in action today for the Falcons, giving coaches a chance to take a closer look at these players and see which ones have been working hard all off-season and which ones have been crushing up powdered doughnuts and injecting them right into their veins.

It's also a time for players who have never quite gotten their shot to push hard for an opportunity. Mike Johnson certainly fits the bill. A 2010 third-round draft pick out of Alabama, Johnson appeared fated for a starting guard gig before injury and stiff competition kept him from it.

Johnson did what smart people do when something's not working out: He diversified, doing whatever the coaching staff asked him and making himself an option at tackle and guard. This doesn't guarantee a starting role, but considering the Falcons are holding open competitions on the right side of the line, it certainly increases his chances. There are no locks at right guard or right tackle, and Johnson's going to get his best shot.

Watch MJ, and tell us what else you'll be watching.