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Which NFL Team Are You Most Worried About?

An inquiry for worried Falcons fans.


Earlier, I told you not to worry about the schedule. Now I'm going to ask you what you're worrying about. I never said I was consistent.

The Atlanta Falcons get to play some of the NFL's elite in 2013, and no matter how unflappable you are, there's a team out there you're a little concerned about. It may be the revenge-minded Seahawks or the always difficult Packers. Whoever it is, you have that matchup circled on your calendar and a set of gloves ready so you won't gnaw your fingernails off.

For me, that 49ers matchup provokes the most concern. The Falcons showed last year that they're capable of beating the 49ers, though they couldn't quite close out that game. The 49ers are going to be just as good as they were a year ago, though, even if Michael Crabtree isn't around to rev up that passing game.

What team has you concerned?