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Falcons Waive Casey Barth, Momo Thomas

The first cuts of spring have come already.


The Falcons were pretty quiet after the first rookie mini-camp, but it was always obvious that a lot of those young players were going to get the axe.

Momo Thomas and Casey Barth were the first two to go, though they're unlikely to be alone for very long.

Barth was unlikely to crack the final roster because Matt Bryant is on board, and he must not have impressed enough to linger. He'll try to catch on elsewhere on one of the many kicker-starved rosters in the NFL.

Thomas was an undersized, athletic cornerback on a roster suddenly awash with young options. Again, he must have been the least impressive of them, unfortunately, but at least he's getting cut early enough to try to catch on elsewhere.

Weigh in on these two, if you would.