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Brian Banks Plays Middle Linebacker During Rookie Mini-Camp

Fact: if Brian Banks' story doesn't make you want to cry, then you're name's not Caleb Rutherford

Todd Kirkland

Some of you reluctantly clicked on the link to this article. I say "reluctantly" because there is a faction of Falcons fans who have already grown weary of the Brian Banks coverage. Truth be told, it's a fantastic story, one that makes The Blind Side look like something that should've ended up on the Dave Francois Choate Community College Film School cutting floor. It's a story that can't be told just yet, because we don't know the ending.

Look, I'm no fool. I realize Banks probably won't make the team. I realize Banks merely making the practice squad would be shocking in and of itself. Even so, his story is one we will continue to follow, if only because it's an interesting subplot. And there's nothing wrong with subplots in sports. That said, it does appear that he's making the most of this opportunity.

His first session on the field was spent running the defense at the middle linebacker spot, and he did so unlike what you might expect from someone who never played a snap of college football.

“It was real good today to get out there. I’ve been in film the last two weeks so to get a chance to get out there and put all the knowledge that we’ve been putting on paper out onto the field was a really good experience for the first time,” Banks said. “It was really fast-paced. I made a lot of really good moves, made a lot of mistakes, so adjustments will be made.”

Banks playing the Mike makes a lot of sense. Physically no amount of boot camp-like preparation can make up for 10 years off the field. His physical inadequacies can be masked inside, while they'd certainly be exploited outside. Logical enough, no?

Your thoughts?