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New Controversy Surrounding Falcons' New Stadium

Fact: a ballot measure? Ain't nobody got time for that!


You didn't think building and funding a new stadium was easy, did you? Silly Falcoholic, easy is for chumps!

Alas, it appears there is some new and improved controversy surrounding the Falcons' new digs.

A watchdog group is launching an effort to place a ballot measure before Atlanta voters calling for the repeal of public financing for a new stadium for the Atlanta Falcons.

William Perry of Common Cause Georgia said Thursday it’ll be a “monumental task” to get the 35,000 signatures needed to qualify for the November ballot. But Perry says the effort is worth it so the public can have a say in the process.

To be fair, while it is public financing we're talking about, this isn't an Atlanta taxpayer-funded project. At least not in its entirety. It's mostly funded by traveling hearing aid salesmen and Uncle Arthur. In other words, the public financing portion is hotel tax money, it's not money that can be spent on parks, schools, and/or art nouveau sculptures.

Your thoughts?