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Look for Steven Jackson to be Prominently Featured in the Falcons' Air Attack

Fact: Steven Jackson can run, catch, and play a mean game of Yahtzee


OTAs themselves are cool and everything, but it's the interesting little tid bits we get from coaches and players that really keep us coming back. This player looks good, that player doesn't. And on and on it goes. Mike Smith had some very direct, very telling things to say about Steven Jackson yesterday.

"He's a big, strong running back that catches the ball extremely well," Smith said, per The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "He creates issues for defenses. He's just another weapon that we have in our offensive arsenal. He's a guy who had close to 100 catches in a season, so he's a guy that we can use in the passing game. He's not just a running back, he's a receiving back as well."

If you recall, Michael Turner wasn't a receiving threat. Jacquizz Rodgers certainly was, but Turner just didn't have it in him. Now we have two legitimate passing game threats in the backfield. So the critics can say what they want about Jackson, how he isn't what he once was. The trio of Jackson, Rodgers, and Jason Snelling is second-to-none in the NFL, and that's just fine with me.