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Falcons Waive Deon Goggins, Sign Patrick DiMarco

The Deon Goggins experiment, brief as it was, has come to an end in Atlanta.

DiMarco looks like he should be a USC quarterback
DiMarco looks like he should be a USC quarterback

The Falcons offseason training program is now in full swing, and we're already catching brief glimpses of who showed up in shape and perhaps who did not.

On Wednesday, the team released fullback Deon Goggins, a converted defensive tackle who latched onto the team as a college free agent following the draft in April. He recorded 96 tackles, 16 for loss and 2.5 sacks during his time at Syracuse.

Though some prematurely speculated that the open roster spot would be filled with a potential Richard Seymour addition, the Falcons cleared that up by signing fullback Patrick DiMarco on Thursday to replace Goggins. A product of the ever-lovable Steve Spurrier and South Carolina, DiMarco started four games for the Chiefs in 2012.

So essentially the Falcons cut one third-string fullback and added another who has the potential to be, say, a second-string fullback. Talk about saavy upgrades!

The timing of this move - just a few days into OTAs - probably means Goggins either wasn't transitioning to offense as well as the coaches had hoped, or that he simply showed up out of shape.

That's interesting because most of the "is this guy overweight?" speculation has surrounded second-year guard Phillipkeith Manley this offseason, who may or may not be an ancient Greek titan according to the folklore of Dave Choate. Yet Manley remains on the roster.

We shall see how this and the ever-present rumors regarding Hall of Fame World's Greatest the accomplished Seymour play out in the coming days.