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There's a Very Good Chance Roddy White Will Break Terance Mathis' Touchdown Record in 2013

Fact: Roddy White sucks at Twitter, but he's very good at football

Marc Serota

[insert frantic wood knocking]

The current franchise leader for receiving touchdowns is Terance Mathis. Between 1994 and 2001, Mathis nabbed 57 touchdowns. He averaged 7.13 touchdowns a season, which isn't too shabby, especially for a former sixth round draft pick from perennial college powerhouse University of New Mexico.

Roddy White will likely break Mathis' record this year. Between 2005 and 2012, White accumulated 52 touchdowns, or an average of 6.5 touchdowns a season. Keep in mind, by the time Mathis became a Falcon, he had 4 NFL seasons under his belt. Even so, Mathis truly broke out as a Falcon. He just wasn't that good before he arrived in Atlanta. In 4 seasons, Mathis had accumulated 4 touchdown receptions, averaging only 23.25 receptions a season. White nabbed 16 touchdown touchdowns in his first 4 years, notwithstanding a relatively slow start (4 touchdowns in his first 2 seasons). He also averaged 57.5 receptions a season over those 4 seasons.

What am I getting at? Nothing really. I think it's obvious that White is already the best receiver in Falcons history. Assuming he can maintain his pace, he will break Mathis' record in 2013. Huzzah for history!