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Projecting The Final Falcons Roster: Cornerback

Our projection series for the Atlanta Falcons roster is winding down. On to cornerback!


The Falcons lost Brent Grimes early last year, and they responded by putting together some pretty strong cornerback play all year.

Grimes is gone for good this year and Dunta Robinson has been released, but this team should still have a useful corps of corners, one that's young and athletic enough to be impactful for 2013. The question is how quickly some of those young players will develop.

Aside from Asante Samuel, no one at this position will be over 28 years old. That's the kind of age that would normally worry you, but cornerback is a position where athleticism is critically important. The Falcons at least have that in spades.

Let's look at who is on the roster currently.

On The Roster

Asante Samuel (Starter)
Desmond Trufant (Starter, R)
Robert McClain
Terrence Johnson
Dominique Franks
Robert Alford (R)
Peyton Thompson
Saeed Lee (R)

You've got the list now. Who makes it through?