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Believe it or not, Robert James was a Decent Special Teamer in 2012; but Where Does he fit in Going Forward?

Fact: Robert may or may not be paying Thomas Dimitroff to remain on the Falcons' roster; terms of that agreement aren't public

Sam Greenwood

Believe it or not, Robert James was a decent special teamer in 2012. I'm inclined to not believe it, but facts are facts. He logged 10 return tackles in 2012, 8 of them return stops. Return stops are special teams tackles that kept the opposing returner from making an above-average or even average return (in terms of value). In other words, they're what we ask special teams gunners to do.

To be honest, James is an enigmatic player. He's been around for a while now. Heck, he's entering his fifth season! As fifth round picks go, he's not the best. He just isn't. His first season was a wash, as most are when you land on injured reserve as a rookie. Then he spends most of 2009, 2010, and part of 2011 on the practice squad. He had to navigate a four game, PED-related suspension in 2010. He had to overcome being cut by the Falcons later that same year. Basically he's had to claw his way back into the Falcons' good graces again and again (and again).

If I'm James (and if you ask a certain Falcoholic blogger whose username rhymes with Fosogu, I'm the Falcoholic version - love the comparison, think it's fairly on-point), I'm just grateful to be sniffing an NFL roster. Let's be honest, the man is making good money now. That said, he wasn't making as much money during his practice squad years. He faces stiff competition going forward, with three very young, capable undrafted free agent linebackers nipping at his heels. Throw Zeke Motta in the mix, and James may find himself jobless again in the near future.

For now, he has a job, but if I were him, I wouldn't get comfortable. Heck, I'm uncomfortable. What's that smell? Your thoughts?