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Projecting Matt Ryan's (Possibly Record-Breaking) Contract

Fact: after Matt Ryan signs his new contract, he will be able to buy a lot of Dr. Pepper


We touched on this subject yesterday, and because there's not a wealth of news in Falconsland, we're going to milk it a little more.

Tonight we're discussing what Matt Ryan's new contract will look like. Chances are one or more of our faithful readers can devise an on-point estimate. In other words, I have faith in y'all!

Let me try to guide this discussion by setting out a few (probably obvious) parameters. First, the contract will likely exceed $100 million in total value. We have Tony Romo and, even more so, Joe Flacco to thank for that. Second, it will undoubtedly be a back-loaded contract. We simply can't afford to give him a huge raise this year, at least not if it affects our 2013 cap number in a significant way. This doesn't mean he couldn't get some portion of a signing bonus earlier. Third, the contract will make my lifetime earnings look like crap.

Ready? Set? Prognosticate!