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Projecting The Final Falcons Roster: Defensive Tackle

Richard Seymour is throwing a wrench into this projection already.

Kevin C. Cox

We move on to defensive tackle, a position that somehow we skipped over thanks to the vagaries of my computer. Circling back is great!

A Richard Seymour signing would remake this position, likely leading to Peria Jerry's release and Corey Peters becoming a part-time starter. That's all hypothetical, though, so we'll roll on with what we've got.

This is a position that has three solid pieces and a couple of young players with promise. It's also a position missing Vance Walker, who was the best player at the position last year outside of Jonathan Babineaux. That leaves more than a little uncertainty, to say the least.

Nonetheless, there is talent here. Let's take a look at the players currently on the roster at the defensive tackle position.

On The Roster

Jonathan Babineaux, Starter
Corey Peters, Starter
Peria Jerry
Travian Robertson
Micanor Regis
Adam Replogle (R)
Neal Hyunh (R)

Let's break this sucker down.