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The Falcons Face Some Very Talented Quarterbacks in 2013, Let's Hope They're Ready For It

Fact: Mike Nolan dreams about banana splits, fine whiskey, and making Pro Bowl quarterbacks look amateurish

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

if the Falcons run the table in 2013, nobody will be able to ridicule the quarterbacks they faced.

Last season, the Falcons faced 11 such QBs, including two games each against NFC South rivals Drew Brees and Cam Newton. They were 11-2 against the Pro Bowl quarterbacks and were just one of only two teams to face that many quarterbacks with Pro Bowl honors. The Saints were the other and against that competition they were 5-8.

Arguably our 2012 schedule was fairly easy. I've tried to argue it wasn't, but the facts don't agree. Even so, playing such talented quarterbacks is never easy. When they have a decent supporting cast, that difficulty is compounded. Look, I get it, the Pro Bowl isn't the greatest judge of talent. And Cam Newton is a perfect example. He's pretty dynamic, but then again, he kinda sucks.

Looking ahead, the read option quarterbacks are particularly scary. Drew Brees is always a concern, and of course, Aaron Rodgers is one of the best to ever play the game. It won't be an easy road, by any means.

Your thoughts?