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If You Could Attend Only One Game This Year...

Which one would it be?

Todd Kirkland

Hello everyone, I have returned from a period of extended slumber, known to some mortals as "hibernation".

Today, on this Memorial Day weekend (Go troops!) I ask but a simple question: If you could attend only one game this year, which one would it be? Thankfully, many of you will attend more than one game, and that's great, because everyone knows the Dome would only be about 30% full every week if you could only attend one! (Insert ATL fans joke here)

In any case, playoff games aren't included, so you can't all say "OUR SUPER BOWL GAME THIS YEAR" because that completely takes the fun out of it.

Dave, myself, and the rest of the Falcoholic crew are going to try to make it down to Atlanta for a game this year. We're not sure which game it'll be, but we'll actually be there this time. There won't be any herp derpery slowing us down (stupid meddling kids and all).

That being said, if I could pick one game, it'd probably be the Patriots home game. It's a primetime game and it's against a good team. You want an insane Dome crowd? That's as good a game as any to go to. They're usually a benchmark for the category of "Are we really good or not?" We do have the advantage since we're in the Dome, but we'll see about that one.

Doesn't have to be a home game, either. That SF game is sure to be good. OR, if you feel so inclined, you could pick a preseason game! ("I want to see Tom Bombadil at quarterback because I hate Matt Ryan!")

Choose away! Let us know when and why in the comments!