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You Make the Call: Could Robert McClain Beat Out Desmond Trufant?

Fact: Robert McClain was pretty freaking great in 2012

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Todd Kirkland

The Falcons drafted a corner back in the first round of the NFL draft. They made a draft day trade, moved up, then drafted that corner back. That corner back is one they'd wanted all along, and his name is Desmond Trufant. He likes long walks on the beach, light beer, and chili cheese fries.

But will Trufant start right away? It's an issue worth debating, because it significantly affects our defense. Under normal circumstances, it wouldn't be debatable. Darn you Robert McClain!

You see, McClain way way above average last year.

The Falcons were quick this offseason to say goodbye to the disappointing investment that was Dunta Robinson, and they were happy to let Brent Grimes hit the open market and sign with the Miami Dolphins. The play and development of Robert McClain was a big reason why.

This isn't necessarily as complicated as it seems. McClain, as PFF points out in the above-linked analysis, is built to thrive in the slot. That said, this is the guy who surrendered just 9.2 yards/catch in 2012. This is the guy who gave up zero touchdowns in 2012. This is the guy that went to UConn, was drafted in the 7th round, and was cut by the John Fox-led Panthers. Yikes.

My guess? Trufant blows us away with his ridiculous athleticism, starting from game one. Vote!