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New Report: Falcons Not In Talks With Richard Seymour

The defensive tackle may not be as close to signing with the Falcons as previously indicated.

Ezra Shaw

We may want to pump the brakes on those reports of tlaks between Richard Seymour and the Falcons, at least for now.

Rapoport is fairly reliable, but now that we've received two conflicting reports, it's difficult to know where things stand. My guess would be that the Falcons and Seymour have had at least preliminary conversations, but they're waiting to get things moving until after June 1, when the Falcons will clear over $4 million in cap space.

It's also possible that all the smoke has been erroneous, and that the Falcons don't intend to sign Seymour at all.

I still expect this to eventually happen, given the logical fit of team need, Seymour's proximity to Atlanta and his desire to play for a contender. But it may not be now, and it may not happen right after June 1. Stay tuned.