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Falcons In Talks With Free Agent Richard Seymour

The Atlanta Falcons may be edging closer to signing the veteran defensive tackle.

Donald Miralle

The Falcons have been linked to Richard Seymour for a while now, but we're finally seeing some sparks to go with all that smoke.

Fox Sports South reports that the Falcons are in on Seymour, the 33-year-old defensive tackle with a long history of success in the NFL:

FOX and FOX Sports has learned that Seymour and the Falcons are currently in contract talks, although the Falcons do not have a great deal of salary cap room at this point.

Seymour had indicated he would only play for a contender, which is probably why so many were making the Seymour/Falcons connection in the first place. He also reportedly wanted a lot of money, which would seem to cross him off this team's list. Either the Falcons are expecting to have plenty of money after Tyson Clabo's cap hit comes off the book on June 1 and they extend Matt Ryan's contract, or Seymour's demands were overblown in the first place.

Either way, this would be a big signing for the Falcons, who could really use a defensive tackle who can rush the passer and someone to add size up front. Seymour may be aging, but he's still an effective player and he would give the Falcons a potent force at defensive tackle and defensive end, depending on how they're deploying their front seven.

Stay tuned, but it seems increasingly likely that this will get done. How do you think Seymour would fit on the Falcons?