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Annual Fishing with the Falcons Event a Success

The Atlanta Falcons spent Wednesday fishing with wounded veterans on Lake Lanier for their annual Fishing with the Falcons event.


Atlanta's players, coaches, cheerleaders and staff joined wounded veterans to enjoy a day of fishing on Lake Lanier on Wednesday. Fishing with the Falcons is an annual event, and based on the tweets from the Falcons and others involved, it seems like everyone involved greatly enjoyed the day.

Long snapper Josh Harris gets it.

Retired wide receiver Brian Finneran continues to participate in the event each year.

Falcons rookies were excited to be a part of Fishing with the Falcons.

It wasn't just the players getting involved. Coaches and cheerleaders enjoyed the day as well.

In general, the players seemed to view the opportunity to fish with wounded veterans as a privilege rather than an obligation. has a full gallery of photos from Fishing with the Falcons available.

Falcons owner Arthur Blank has high expectations for community involvement and service, and the Falcons organization continually demonstrates a commitment to serving others. It's just one more reason for fans to be proud of this Falcons team.