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Projecting The Final Falcons Roster: Center

The projection continues with the middle of the Atlanta Falcons offensive line.


Having tackled the guards yesterday, it's time for us to center on the centers. I'll drop it.

Center is a position in flux for the Falcons. Todd McClure had started in the middle of the offensive line for over a decade, so his loss leaves a young player to step up. Fortunately, these Falcons are not without young talent at the position. They're also not entirely without depth.

Let's take a closer look.

On The Roster

Peter Konz, Starter
Joe Hawley
Matt Smith (R)

Harland Gunn

You'll get plenty of back-and-forth arguments on whether Konz or Hawley is the eventual starter, but I'm sticking with Konz. Hawley, Gunn and the intriguing Smith provide potential depth at the position. The Falcons may not have the strongest offensive line in football come 2013, but it should be a deep enough one.

Project those who will stick at center, if you would.