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Atlanta Falcons break season ticket sales record

Atlanta is a bad sports town.


Hello, friends (Jim Nantz voice). It's been a while since I've posted, so I apologize. Surely you all have missed my writing. Seriously, don't respond to that.

The Falcons offseason continues to drag on, but one headline should all make you feel good about next season. Atlanta has already surpassed the mark for most season tickets sold in its 47-year history. Nice job, folks.

According to the Falcons official figures, over 90 percent of season ticket holders from last season renewed for 2013. The Falcons are also "on pace to head into the 2013 season opener with more new season ticket holders than any team in the NFL."

There are less than 900 general season tickets left to be sold, if you're still looking to become a member of that prestigious club.

The Georgia Dome averaged 70,096 fans per home game during the 2012 season, sitting at 98.4 percent full and ranking Atlanta No. 11 in the league in attendance. Average attendance has increased over the last two years, despite an overall decrease in paid attendance around the NFL.

Right now, the Dome can hold a little over 71,000 for Falcons games. Earlier this week, the morning show on 680 The Fan discussed what the capacity should be for the new stadium. Leo Mazzone said somewhere around 75,000, while Perry Laurentino thought they should have less seats than the Dome.

It seems like they don't have much of a problem selling out games right now. Of course, a winning team with consecutive playoff appearances is easy to get on board with. What do you guys think about seating capacity for the new stadium?