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Falcons Showing Urgency For New Matt Ryan Deal

The team wants to lock up its franchise quarterback as soon as possible.

Mike Zarrilli

The Falcons have hit one theme constantly this off-season, amid the draft talk and exciting new additions of veterans like Steven Jackson. That theme has been a new contract for Matt Ryan, and they're still beating that drum.

Arthur Blank became the latest to weigh in on Ryan's contract situation, saying he expects a deal to be done soon and really would like it to be.

The Falcons have a little time to get this done, obviously. For cap purposes, it would be nice if it was done shortly before or after the June 1 date for them to clear Tyson Clabo's sizeable hit. The urgency here comes from the importance of getting Ryan locked up to a new long-term deal, since he's the face of the franchise and one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL. Ensuring a long future with the Falcons is more or less common sense.

The strong desire to get this done from the team's side tells me we're getting closer. If the increasing mentions of the Ryan contract are any indication, we should see something in the next month or so.

Thoughts on Ryan's contract?