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Projecting The Final Falcon Roster: Offensive Tackle

Looking at the tackles on the Atlanta Falcons roster for 2013.


We keep our series rolling, and we're now done with offensive skill position players. Time to move on to the line.

The Falcons are missing Tyson Clabo and watched Todd McClure retire, so this is a thinner line on paper. Fortunately, it's a line with a lot of young, promising players who might be able to step up. Might.

At tackle, the Falcons are not extremely deep, but they have decent starting options. Let's move right into the roster breakdown at the moment.

On The Roster

Sam Baker, Starter
Lamar Holmes, Starter
Mike Johnson
Terren Jones
Alec Savoie (R)
Ryan Schraeder (R)

I'm projecting Savoie to tackle, even though he's not listed strictly as one. As you can see, there's some UDFA talent here that might make a difference.

Project away!