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ESPN Has A List Of PED Suspensions For Every Team

The Atlanta Falcons do NOT lead the pack, blissfully.

Otto Greule Jr

ESPN isn't always my favorite site in the world. Their analysis tends to be, to put it mildly, poor. They can still produce some mighty compelling content, though.

That's the case today, where ESPN produces a list of each team's suspensions for PED from 2010-2013. The relatively small number of suspensions either speaks to the lack of a PED problem in the NFL or a pretty lax culture around them, and I'd have to guess the latter. Regardless, it's an illuminating look at which teams and players have been hit

The Atlanta Falcons cash in somewhere in the middle of the pack for PED suspensions. Their two suspensions came from Robert James and Joe Hawley. Some teams have received no suspensions over those years, and a handful have only received one.

The leader? The Seattle Seahawks, who have five suspensions in the last four years. They're followed by the Denver Broncos and New York Giants with four each.

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