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Projecting The Final Falcon Roster: Tight End

We work our way back through the roster with the help of the fans. Today, tight end.

Kevin C. Cox

Thus far, we've projected quarterback, running back, fullback and wide receiver for the Falcons. Those positions were all fairly easy to figure out, with the possible exception of what's going to happen down the depth chart at receiver. Today will not change that.

We're talking tight end, a position with a lot of intriguing talent. The Falcons have a Hall of Famer, a gigantic rookie with some interesting talent and a former draft bust who may still be a mighty useful player. That's not even mentioning some of the UDFA types on the roster right now.

This is a position of strength, in other words. Time to project it.

On The Roster

Tony Gonzalez, Starter
Levine Toilolo (R)
Chase Coffman
Tommy Gallarda
Andrew Szczerba
Adam Nissley

Now that you've got the names, tell us who you believe will make the final roster. I really like this Gonzalez guy, myself.