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Is Projecting the Offensive Line Competition Really Necessary?

Fact: Sam Baker doesn't have short arms, but he does have a job this Fall

Kevin C. Cox

If Mike Smith's comments at the State of the Franchise event are any indication, there's going to be an epic camp battle among the Falcons' offensive linemen this summer. Epic!

Sam Baker and Justin Blalock are the only returning Falcons with a guaranteed spot in the starting lineup. From there, it's not exactly a crap shoot, but as far as Smith is concerned, nobody is guaranteed anything.

“There’s going to be an open, big competition with our offensive line,’’ Smith said. “We’ve got some young guys that we’ve drafted and they’re ready to step in and do it. I can’t say to you right now who’s going to line up (where), but it’s going to be very, very competitive.’’

Smith did reveal that the departures of Clabo and McClure mean there likely will be three new starters on the offensive line.

Peter Konz, Garrett Reynolds, and Lamar Holmes are undoubtedly the frontrunners. Konz and Reynolds have starting experience; they've also shown an ability to be royally owned by NFL competition. That said, I'd be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the progress that both men have made. Out of the three positions up for grabs, I'd argue, and I think most of you would agree that, right tackle is the biggest question mark. Holmes is certainly built to play the position, but that's all we can really say at this point. It certainly seems the coaching staff saw something in him when they cut Tyson Clabo. Or at least I'd hope they did.

What are your thoughts? Is this competition going to be as epic as Smith says it will? Or is that just a motivational technique? I'm curious what y'all think. Discuss!