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Projecting The Final Falcons Roster: Fullback

The roster projection series for Falcons fans moves on to fullback.

Daniel Shirey

Our roster projection series shakes, rattles and rolls its way on to fullback. This is not, admittedly, the most exciting position we'll cover.

The Falcons may not really need a full-time fullback on this offense, given that it's mostly pass-first and they have Jason Snelling as a sorta kinda fullback option. Ultimately, though, I have to believe they'll carry a lead blocker, and preferably one who can catch the football.

The choices here are fairly limited, as you'll see, but one of these guys is likely to stick on the final roster. The most interesting one is actually a converted defensive player, and that's an experiment I'd really like to see work out. Especially because I love the name Goggins.

On The Roster

Bradie Ewing, Maybe Starter?
Deon Goggins, Rookie
DeVonte Campbell, Rookie
Mike Cox, Veteran

Go ahead and project which one of these guys makes the final roster, or if it's a hybrid player like Jason Snelling or Ronnie Wingo who ends up handling fullback duties.

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