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Falcons Lock Up Seventh-Round Pick Zeke Motta

The Falcons sign their second draft pick in two days.

Todd Kirkland

The Falcons may be a little short on cash until June 1, but they're not wasting any time signing their low-round draft picks.

Zeke Motta became the second to sign in just two days, after the Falcons inked Kemal Ishmael just a day ago. The Falcons now have both of their drafted rookie safeties on board and can get them going on the important work of, I dunno, learning special teams.Motta has a chance to do more than that, but it likely won't come in year one.

Motta has some promise as a sure-tackling safety who might actually be able to convert to linebacker, should the Falcons need him for that. He and Ishmael should, at the very least, be able to flash those tackling skills on special teams in their rookie seasons and provide quality depth at a position in need of it.

Your thoughts on the Motta signing?