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A Free Agent Possibility For The Falcons: Kyle Love

The recently released Patriots lineman intrigues The Falcoholic.


Look at the defensive tackle situation on these Atlanta Falcons. You see two quality starters, an intriguing prospect or two and not much else. The Falcons could use, at minimum, some real depth.

Realizing that, and knowing that Richard Seymour is both old and potentially seeking big money, the Falcons might be wise to keep Kyle Love in mind.

Love was just released by the Patriots because he now has Type II diabetes and had lost 20 pounds over the off-season. That's an alarming thing, I'll grant you, and there's a chance that the diabetes will affect Love so significantly that he cannot play in the NFL in the upcoming season. But that's hardly a lock.

Love is a stone solid defensive tackle. He normally weighs in at about 315 pounds and has racked up 5.5 sacks over the first three years of his career, while flashing excellent run-stopping ability at the point of attack. He's just 26 years old, and with the medical issue and the fact that he doesn't have any gaudy stats, he can probably be had for a reasonable contract.

The Falcons would be wise to at least look into Love, who would shore up their depth and give them three starting-caliber players, with a fourth included if you think Travian Robertson has taken a leap after his first year. That would entirely worth it.

What do you think of signing Love?