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Projecting The Falcons Roster: Running Back

Fans project the final running backs for 2013 for the Atlanta Falcons.


Our series rolls on, especially now that the site is working again. Huzzah!

Today we attempt to tackle running back, a position with a lot of players vying for some very limited slots. Steven Jackson is the unquestioned starter, Jacquizz Rodgers will continue to break ankles...and that's about it for certainties. Jason Snelling would seem to have a leg up given his long experience, but Antone Smith has to be looking over his shoulders at three young backs who are gunning for his job. If the Falcons even keep four backs, that is.

Let's break it down and move right into the discussion.

On The Roster

Steven Jackson, Starter
Jacquizz Rodgers, Reserve
Jason Snelling, Reserve
Antone Smith, Reserve
Josh Vaughan, Reserve
Donald Russell, Reserve (R)
Ronnie Wingo, Reserve (R)

How do you think the depth chart will shake out, and will any of these guys hit the practice squad?