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Are the Falcons Just Sitting on Richard Seymour?

Fact: salary caps are like Dave's deodorant - they're both completely worthless.

Justin Edmonds

I'm picturing Thomas Dimitroff, kicking back in his office. He's sitting in a calf skin office chair, a large glass of scotch on the redwood desk directly in front of him. He's smoking a hand-rolled Cuban cigar, staring at nothing in particular, deep in thought. He whispers in dramatic, awe-inspiring fashion: "Should I sign Richard Seymour? He is a little fat these days ..."

I'm quite sure that's actually happened. Or maybe it just happened in my dreams, but look, that's not the point. In a vacuum, Seymour would already be a Falcon. And so would Calvin Johnson, Joe Thomas, Jared Allen, and any other Pro Bowler that suits your fancy. Just ask this guy or this guy, if you don't believe me. But then there's the cap space problem. Darn that salary cap! Arguably it's possible we could sign him after Tyson Clabo's contract comes off the books June 1st.

There is a lot of clamoring from Atlanta fans for the Falcons to go out and sign veteran Richard Seymour. There’s good logic behind that. Seymour would bring an instant upgrade to the middle of the defensive line.

There hasn’t been any hard evidence that the Falcons are interested in Seymour. But they might be playing the waiting game and seeing if his price drops.

The Falcons also are in a situation where they might have to wait until after June 1, when they free up $4.5 million in salary-cap room for the release of Tyson Clabo, to pursue Seymour or anyone else of consequence at defensive tackle.

To be frank, I just don't see this as a particularly viable option. But it's possible. Yes, believe it or not, it's possible. Bear in mind, the Falcons need to sign their rookies. I've seen estimates in the $4 million range. That is, we'd likely need about $4 million to sign our draft picks. It's my understanding we have about $2.6 million in cap space right this second, meaning we'd have about $6.1 million in cap space after June 1st, or about $2.1 million in cap space after we sign draft picks. It's not totally unfathomable that Seymour would sign for that amount.

Your thoughts?