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Projecting The Falcons Roster: Quarterback

A multi-part exercise, taking fans through the entire roster.

Kevin C. Cox

This time of year, I like to do as many discussion-based posts as possible. That's partly because you're all brilliant, and partly because news is frankly scarce in the spring. Them's the breaks.

In the interest of keeping that discussion rolling, I'm going to re-roll my roster position reviews with heavy input from you. I'll give you the players currently on the roster, whether they're rookies or not and you tell me who ends up on the final roster, who starts and who makes the team as a reserve.

On The Roster

Matt Ryan, Starter
Dominique Davis, Backup
Sean Renfree, Backup (R)
Seth Doege, Backup (R)

Seeing this depth chart, how do you expect things to shake out in 2013?