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Rank The NFC South, Post-Draft

With the draft over, it's time to revisit the division.

Scott Cunningham

The 2013 NFL Draft has come and gone. The Falcons and Panthers have gotten good marks for their drafts, at least, and the Buccaneers and Saints have received mixed but mostly positive reviews.

The question is, with early free agency concluded and the draft over, who do you think will win the NFC South in 2013? It tends to change on a yearly basis, of course, but there's a talent divide here nonetheless.

My best guess? The Falcons win the division again this season, but the Buccaneers are hot on their heels. The Saints are competitive but don't quite make it in this scenario, and the Panthers are still one more year away from making a serious run in this blogger's eyes.

My best guess at the records:

Falcons: 12-4
Buccaneers: 10-6
Saints: 9-7
Panthers: 7-9

Who comes out on top in the NFC South?