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Mystery Solved: Giants Sign Michael Palmer

The former Falcons restricted free agent is gone to New York.

Stephen Brashear

Michael Palmer was a nice story in 2010, and a solid player every year since he arrived in the league. It's not often a former UDFA winds up being the backup to Tony Gonzalez.

That era has come to an end. We weren't sure what happened to Palmer, given that he was listed as an RFA coming into 2013, but it appears the Falcons never tendered him. Instead, he's landed with the New York Giants, who will add him to an already competitive group of tight ends.

The writing was on the wall for Palmer, really. The Falcons have Gonzalez, they added Levine Toilolo and Chase Coffman is intriguing enough to stick around, especially as a third tight end. Palmer was always a solid blocker with the ability to catch a few passes, so he should be able to stick on an NFL roster. Certainly I'm glad the Falcons are adding talent to the position, but I was glad to have him as a Falcon for three years.

Wish Palmer well.