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What Position Is Now The Strongest One On The Falcon Roster?

Now that the 2013 NFL Draft has concluded, what position is the strongest?

Scott Cunningham

The draft has shored up a few positions of need, to be sure. This team has Super Bowl aspirations in 2013, and they'll need those fixes to work in order to push for a berth in the biggest game.

The question, now that the draft has concluded and the UDFAs are all here, is what strengths will carry the Falcons there. To that end, I'd like to hear all of your thoughts around what the strongest position on the roster is.

You could choose based on the strength of the starter, going with Matt Ryan at quarterback. You could go for a position with a ton of depth, like running back. Or you could throw a curveball in there and go with, I dunno, punter. You crazy person, you.

We'll move on to the worst position tomorrow, and we'll start rolling back through the roster where key additions were made to see how it affects our grades. For now, though, it's the best.

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