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The Falcons Were Always Going to Draft a Tight End

Fact: Thomas Dimitroff's hair gel costs $457,000 a tube


Thomas Dimitroff was featured on NFL Network's morning show today, and he had some very revealing things to say. Of particular interest is his blatant declaration that the Falcons will draft their tight end of the future this month. When asked about how the re-signing of Tony Gonzalez affects the Falcons' draft strategy, Dimitroff had this to say:

You don't just deviate from your plan, when you go into a draft, after bringing a guy back. We're not sure if we'll only have Tony back for one year. This may be selling it out a little bit, but there's no question, we'll continue to look at the tight end spot.

OK, he didn't make any promises. But I'm quite sure this isn't GM speak. I'm quite sure he's being honest. Any why wouldn't he be? There's not a GM for the 31 other teams who'd put it past the Falcons to draft a tight end early in this draft. It's just logical. I know there's a contingent of Falcons fans who think we can wait or rely on internal options. While I respect that point on view, I just don't think it's accurate.

The Falcons can ill afford to be too short-sighted. In other words, selling out, hoping to win it all in 2013 isn't the wisest approach. I'd bet any amount of Smirnoff Ice that Dimitroff wants this team to sustain its success for years to come. The dark years were just too dark.

So what does all this mean? It means the Falcons always intended to pursue a tight end in the draft. Tony Gonzalez coming back is an added bonus, but when all is said and done, it's just not practical to think only of 2013.