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A Bird's Eye View Of The NFC South: April 8th Edition

Wherein we unveil a weekly look at the NFC South.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

New feature alert! We're not supplanting the great weekly news roundups put together by Andrew Hirsh, but instead taking a quick look at what's going on with the other teams in our division. I may even throw a Falcons link in there, if I feel it's relevant. I'm crazy like that.

Let's scope the rest of the division!

New Orleans Saints

  • Dave Cariello is celebrating five years at Canal Street Chronicles. You hate the Saints and you may not love CSC, but Dave's a friend and he's been doing great work. If you can stomach it, go drop him a congratulations.
  • A Saints off-season recap. As usual, they've added a couple of good pieces despite supposedly being in cap hell. Hate 'em.

Carolina Panthers

  • The offensive line is the biggest need for the cap-strapped Panthers.
  • Cat Scratch Reader tries to figure out which quarterback Cam Newton resembles after two years in the league. I think we're still figuring that out, ourselves.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • The Buccaneers are getting impatient with those Darrelle Revis talks. Considering the Jets aren't likely to get a better offer, it's fair to wonder what they're waiting for.
  • Greg Schiano may not love Josh Freeman. As Bucs Nation argues, if he does well, he'll start to love him. If Freeman flops, they'll move on. Such is life with a not-quite-franchise-quarterback.

Weigh in on the NFC South's latest!