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2013 NFL Free Agency: Is Anyone Else Getting The Axe?

Where we ask if anyone's safe.

Kevin C. Cox

The Falcons surprised many when they released Tyson Clabo. The next question, sparked mainly by the dearth of news at this moment, has to be whether the Falcons will be letting go of anyone else.

Obviously there will be more than a few cuts between now and September. The Falcons could let go of underachievers, overpriced veterans or rookies who just don't have quite enough talent to make it. What I'm more interested in is whether there's any chance the Falcons let go of a veteran in the very near future.

The answer to that question is likely no, but it's not a lock. If the Falcons are chasing more cap savings, they could conceivably part ways with a player or two, though they'd have to be looking at landing a big fish or two to justify that.

If it's going to happen, I would imagine it would be somewhere other than the offensive line. With Todd McClure retiring and Tyson Clabo released, the Falcons need more depth there, not less. But i suppose you can't rule anything out.

Let's open the floodgates. Is anyone else getting cut?

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