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The Aftermath Of The Tyson Clabo Release

Now that Clabo's gone, what's happening?


To say Falcons fans are concerned about Tyson Clabo's release would be to understate the anxiety by a degree or two. I'll freely cop to being nervous about how this will play out, because the Falcons are now going younger and cheaper on the right side of the line while simultaneously introducing an element of the unknown.

Clabo's release, which has been designated as a June 1st cut, does the following:

  • Frees up $4.5 million in cap space
  • Creates a vacuum at right tackle that could be filled by Lamar Holmes, Mike Johnson, Garrett Reynolds or a draft pick
  • Makes the right side of the line quite young

It's fair to say we don't know how this move is going to work out, because Holmes and Johnson are mostly potential and Reynolds has been very good, but in limited opportunities. The best case scenario is that things are as good or better than a year ago. The worst case scenario is a right side of the line in disarray, which is bad news for every position player on the roster. Fun!

Here's how I project the line shaking out in 2013:

LT: Sam Baker
LG: Justin Blalock
C: Peter Konz
RG: Garrett Reynolds
RT: Lamar Holmes

As for those savings? I fully expect the Falcons to go make a reasonably big splash with them, potentially signing one of the best remaining free agents or exploring a trade, if the market's right. Be ready for that in the weeks ahead.

Your thoughts on the aftermath?

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