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2013 NFL Free Agency: Falcons Release Tyson Clabo.

In the twist of the Falcons' off-season, Tyson Clabo is out of the picture in Atlanta.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Tyson Clabo has been a starter for the Atlanta Falcons since 2008. He will not be any more.

Let us not mince words: This is a risk. Clabo had his ups and downs, but he was mostly a rock solid starting NFL right tackle, and a damn durable one. He started all 16 games each season from 2008 on, and last year he struggled a bit in run-blocking but continued to be one of the team's most solid linemen. The Falcons have earned quite a bit of trust with the way they've built this roster, and I always preach patience. On the surface, though, this move would set my nerves jangling.

The impetus behind this move is two-fold. It saves the Falcons money, which would seem to signal another signing in the works. It also opens up a clear path for Lamar Holmes to start at right tackle. Everyone who thought it was bizarre that the Falcons would tackle a guy who wouldn't sniff the starting lineup for a couple of years in the third round back in April of 2012 now may have an entirely different complaint, which is that a 2012 third-round pick with no starting experience is going to be thrust into the starting lineup.

The alternative has Joe Hawley, Garrett Reynolds, Mike Johnson and Holmes fighting for the right guard and right tackle starting spots, but I think Holmes has the leg up. The Falcons have talked about getting young at a host of positions, and this would certainly accomplish that. It just damn well better work out.

Your reaction to the move?

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