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Why I Picked Tank Carradine In SBN's 2013 NFL Mock Draft


First of all, you should go to Mocking The Draft and check out my write-up and their review of the pick. Then you should give me a grade, because I long for the days when I got grades for my work and not, you know, apathy.

I wanted to take a moment to explain why I took Carradine at the end of the first round, and specifically how it fit into the best player available on defense strategy that I discussed earlier this morning. Let me count the ways:

  • Carradine is arguably the best player left. Tyler Eifert, Desmond Trufant, Arthur Brown, Bjoern Werner...all gone. The best non-Carradine defensive player left was probably Jonathan Banks, and I grappled a little with which one I wanted. Carradine offers enough upside that I couldn't pass him up.
  • Carradine still fills a need. The Falcons need pass rush upgrades even after signing Osi Umenyiora, and Carradine is easily the best pass rusher on the board at this point. His injury doesn't concern me to the point where I'd pass up on that potential.
  • The Falcons have two guys who are essentially pass rushers (Jonathan Massaquoi, Osi Umenyiora). They could use a young, fairly complete player who can take on snaps in a variety of situations. Carradine fits the bill.
  • His name is Tank. Well, not his real name. But you get my point.

So there you have it. Who would you pick out of the candidates available at 30, and what do you think of Carradine?

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