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2013 Undrafted Free Agent Signings For The Atlanta Falcons

Half open thread, half list of signings. That's what we got here.

Brett Deering

First of all, go over to GritsBlitz Blog and check out their list. They did awesome legwork last night, and since I'm rolling through and confirming based on their list this morning, they absolutely deserve your eyeballs. Go!

Now it's time to run down the list of UDFAs in full and see who the Falcons have brought aboard. All of these guys will be scrambling for roster spots this off-season, and it's fair to assume that at most, one or two will stick on the final roster. A few more have a good shot at practice squad slots if they impress.

I'll be doing a little editorializing on who I really like after the list, so look for my starred prospects down below. You'll note that GritsBlitz has Kejuan Riley signing and he probably has, but I simply couldn't find confirmation and decided to hold off until the team makes it official. Keep in mind that one or two of these guys may possible renege and move on to another team, because that does happen from time to time.

QB Seth Doege, Texas Tech
RB Ronnie Wingo, Arkansas*
RB Donald Russell, Georgia State
WR Darius Johnson, SMU
WR Martel Moore, NIU

WR Rashad Evans, Fresno State
GG Theo Goins, UCF*
OL Alex Savoie, McNeese St
OL Ryan Schrader, Valdosta State
OL Terren Jones, Alabama State
C Corey Howard, Central Arkansas
C Matt Smith, Kentucky
DE Cam Henderson, UCF
DT Adam Replogle, Indiana*
LB Joplo Bartu, Texas State
LB Nick Clancy, Boston College
LB Paul Worrilow, Delaware
CB Momo Thomas, Colorado State

CB Saeed Lee, Alabama State
S Troy Sanders, Appalachian State
K Casey Barth, UNC*

P Sean Sellwood, Utah

Ronnie Wingo

Fast (4.46), athletic running back with fullback experience who has nice hands and projects as a quality blocker at the next level. Wingo's someone keep your eye going forward.

Theo Goins

Big n' strong. Goins has the size, strength and pass protection chops to be at minimum a useful reserve. He just needs to work on his footwork and get lower.

Adam Replogle

A little undersized at the moment at under 300 pounds, Replogle nonetheless offers excellent strength and quality athleticism for a big man. The Falcons could use more depth at defensive tackle, and Replogle will be one to watch.

Nick Clancy

Clancy was Luke Kuechly's replacement at Boston College, and a supremely productive player who flies all over the field making plays. He's not the best athlete in the world, necessarily, but he's an intelligent player who will get a real shot at cracking a shallow corps of linebackers in Atlanta.

Casey Barth

He's likely just a camp leg, but Casey's brother Connor is a solid NFL kicker and Casey had a productive college career himself. The Falcons are eventually going to want to turn to a younger kicker, so Casey will get a shot to at least stick on the practice squad, as unlikely as that may be.

Discuss your favorite UDFAs below!