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NFL Draft 2013 Grades For The Atlanta Falcons

It's time to hand out grades for this year's draft class.


If there's one thing everyone loves to do following a draft, it's assigning grades. I'd be remiss if I didn't offer you the opportunity.

Personally, I'm cautiously optimistic about the class from top to bottom. The Falcons added talent and depth to the secondary, grabbed a guy Thomas Dimitroff envisions as an immediate starter at left defensive end, added an intriguing tight end and snagged one more pass rusher with some upside. I was thinking we might get some more depth at linebacker or a project receiver, bu the Falcons may have taken some real strides at positions of need. If the UDFA class can add one or two valuable players, we're on our way.

Here's the entire draft class, in case you forgot.

First Round: CB Desmond Trufant
Second Round: CB Robert Alford
Fourth Round: DE Malliciah Goodman
Fourth Round Compensatory: TE Levine Toilolo
Fifth Round: DE Stansly Maponga
Seventh Round Compensatory: S Kemal Ishmael
Seventh Round Compensatory: S Zeke Motta
Seventh Round Compensatory: QB Sean Renfree

Before anyone says it: Yes, I know you can't properly evaluate a draft class the day after the draft winds up. Yes, I know it's going to take years before we can say whether the front office did a quality job with this one. This is just for fun and because damnit, I love grades.

Grade 'em in the poll below!

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