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The Draft That Was: Full 2013 Falcons Draft Results Summary

Fact: the Falcons took no prisoners in the 2013 NFL Draft, just twenty somethings they will pay to play football

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

The draft came, and the draft went. Now we have time to digest the picks, stop ignoring our families, and in some cases, chuck ourselves off the nearest tall building.

What follows is a summary of all the Falcons draft picks and quasi-confirmed undrafted free agent signings, followed by some mediocre analysis. For what it's worth, I think Thomas Dimitroff did a fantastic job. You're probably not surprised by that, since I'm infamous for my homerism.

1st Round

Desmond Trufant, CB - Washington

Ridiculous athlete with a second-to-none pedigree. He wasn't the best corner in this draft, but he's a darn good pick. Kudos to The Comrade for nabbing him by any means necessary. He will see plenty of action in his rookie campaign, even if he doesn't start outside. The Falcons run an absurd amount of nickel, which means their base package necessitates three capable corners. Trufant will need to navigate a steep learning curve quickly, but methinks he has it in him.

2nd Round

Robert Alford, CB - Southwestern Louisiana

See above about needing quality corners. Dimitroff talked about Alford during the draft coverage today, saying they were surprised he was still available late in the second round. He will probably assume returner responsibilities while serving as the Falcons' fourth corner in 2013. Sorry Dominique Franks, it is what it is.

4th Round

Malliciah Goodman, DE - Clemson

From a physical standpoint, this guy is top notch. His hands are 11 inches long and his wingspan pushes 7 feet. The biggest knock on his skill set is a lack of effort. That's not necessarily something you can coach, though it is something that will make you unemployed. My guess is that he gets it together, serving as an adequate back up at right defensive end. Nobody is expecting him to notch sacks on sacks on sacks, but he should be average to above average against the run.

Levine Toilolo, TE - Stanford

An immediate deep threat for the Falcons, Toilolo backed up both Coby Fleener and Zach Ertz. Apparently he struggles underneath, though his yards per catch was very respectable. He's got a ton of upside, and he'll no doubt benefit from the tutelage of the greatest ever, especially since their catching styles (high and above the head) are nearly identical.

Fifth Round

Stansley Maponga, DE - Texas Christian

He's undersized, but as SB Nation's own Jason Kirk pointed out, he was the second best rusher on the Big 12's best defense last year. He's got dynamic pass rushing skills, making him a likely fit at left defensive end. He probably could have benefited from another year of college seasoning, but he's got a young kid and family depending on him. He's the kind of player you really pull for, plus his name is wicked cool.

7th Round

Kemal Ishmael, S - South Florida

Special teams player with a shot at backing up one of the safety positions. He's known for his aggressiveness, and you can't really hate on that.

Zeke Motta, S - Notre Dame

Very productive player, beating out Mr. Fake Girlfriend for ND's defensive player of the year in 2012. He was the slowest safety at the combine, but he thrived on special teams in college. He has a shot at making the team as a backup to William Moore/special teams specialist.

Sean Renfree, QB - Duke

Smart, durable quarterback who has drawn comparisons to the Mannings by the coach who coached the Mannings. He's got a great football mind, and alone that may keep him on this team.

Undrafted Free Agents

Ronnie Wingo, Jr., RB/FB - Arkansas

4.4ish 40 yard dash. Played in the SEC. Big boy. That's about it.

Terren Jones, OT - Alabama State

Immediately the biggest player on the team - he's almost 6'8 and he's pushing 360 lbs. Good Vishnu, we could just have him sit on opposing players. I'm most impressed by his vertical, which was 24 inches at his pro day.

Ryan Schraeder, OT - Valdosta State

The best division 2 offensive linemen in the country last year, he's roster filler, the good kind.

Seth Doege, QB - Texas Tech

Last name pronounced DAY-ghee, his 333.7 passing yards/game was 5th best in the country last year. That said, he's probably destined for the practice squad at best.

Matt Smith, C - Kentucky

Put up 28 reps at 225 lbs at his pro day. He's a smart center who played defensive tackle until college. Has struggled with durability issues, pulling a hammy at his pro day.

Casey Barth, K - North Carolina

Kid seems to have a leg on him. And he apparently withstood straight rejection at his pro day. But let's be honest, he's just here to keep Matt Bryant company during training camp. Ya know, because Bryant gets lonely sometimes.

Joplo Bartu, LB - Texas State

Notched 62 tackles in the last 4 games of his collegiate career, he's gotta be better than Robert James. He will need to adjust to playing against far better talent, because let's be honest, the Western Athletic Conference isn't exactly known for churning out pros.

Nick Clancy, LB - Boston College

He went to the same school as Matt Ryan, and that's gotta count for something!

Rashad Evans, WR - Fresno State

Tiny, speedy receiver with returner potential.

Donald Russell, RB - Georgia State

Occasionally dominated mediocre talent in college. Local kid who impressed several NFL scouts at his pro day.

Sean Sellwood, P - Utah

Not Matt Bosher, but then again, only Matt Bosher is Matt Bosher. Makes sense, right?

Brandon Thurmond, OLB - Arkansas Pine-Bluff

Built like a dump truck, notching 25 tackles for a loss in 2012. Some draft scouts had him going in the 6th or 7th round.

Paul Worrilow, ILB - Delaware

Leader of the Blue Hen defense in 2012, he was good enough to not play at Delaware. We're thin at LB, so any depth helps.

If you're still reading, then you're probably awaiting my excellent and well-constructed analysis. All in all, I think the Falcons did well. If I'm assigning a grade, I'd probably throw them a B+ for good measure. We filed gaps, added lots of speed to the defensive side of the ball, and got the players we wanted. We didn't settle and it's clear the Falcons' front office executed a pre-decided plan. So good for them, let's just hope it works out. As for the UDFAs, keep in mind, those signings are all unofficial at this point. Sometimes they commit to one team, then sign elsewhere. We will update the list as needed.

Your thoughts?