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NFL Draft 2013 Results: The Atlanta Falcons Reviewed

The first two days of the NFL Draft, in review.


It's been a crazy couple of days, hasn't it? As I type this, I'm either hallucinating from exhaustion or Thomas Dimitroff's face just appeared before me and commanded me to draft another cornerback.

For those late to the party or just those who missed some of our coverage, I wanted to round up what's happened thus far for the Falcons in the 2013 NFL Draft. Let's hit the timeline.

Day One

Day Two

There's a lot more day two coverage, but unfortunately my post disappeared into the ether and I can't handpick the links again at the moment. Know we'll have a fuller roundup in tomorrow and Monday's coverage, but be sure to check the front page for more!

Stay tuned for the live blog and breakdowns of all the picks from my esteemed colleague Alex Welch!

Remaining Needs

Defensive end


Offensive line

Tight end

Wide receiver

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