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NFL Draft Results: Falcons Draft Cornerback Robert Alford


We knew the Falcons had a gaping hole at cornerback. Apparently the team saw an even bigger hole than we did as fans, because they just drafted another cornerback.

To be fair, Robert Alford is a riser, a small school prospect with excellent physical tools who offers a starter's upside at a second round price. He also happens to be a cornerback, a player at a position the Falcons just spent their first round pick at. It's a good draft for the position, but damn.

The concerns? A lack of elite competition, for one. Trouble with larger, more physical receivers at times, for another. Both of those are workable issues, and it's clear that the Falcons think they'll be moving on from Asante Samuel after 2013 with Desmond Trufant and Alford. The potential here is deeply intriguing, to be fair.

One other note about Alford: He's got legitimate return ability. The Falcons are probably looking at him as a long-term possibility outside or in the slot and a long-term returner with home run potential.

It makes sense in many ways, but I'm awfully disappointed the Falcons are electing not to address a pretty anemic pass rush. They damn well better hope that players like Jon Massaquoi and Travian Robertson step up in a big way in 2013, and I for one am afraid that's too much of a wild card.

Approval poll coming soon. Your thoughts on Alford?

Remaining Picks

  • Fourth round: No. 127 and No. 133 (compensatory)
  • Fifth round: No. 163
  • Seventh round: No. 236, No. 243 (compensatory), No. 244 (compensatory) and No. 249 (compensatory).

Remaining Needs

Defensive end


Offensive line

Tight end

Wide receiver


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