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NFL Draft 2013: Desmond Trufant Chooses Jersey #21

It's a tribute to Deion Sanders for the young cornerback, just selected by the Atlanta Falcons.


Even if you don't love what Desmond Trufant brings to the table as a cornerback, off-the-field he seems like the real deal.

The Falcons introduced a dapper Trufant to the Falcon faithful earlier today, and Trufant spoke of wanting to be a leader and wanting to take on opposing top wide receivers. That's the right kind of attitude, and it's likely to endear him to the coaching staff as he competes to start outside as a rookie.

You also have to love the fact that he's going big right off the bat, selecting Deion's old #21 as his jersey number. I wouldn't dare suggest that Trufant will be the caliber of player that Sanders is, but he doesn't lack for confidence and desire, and that goes a long way toward winning over the fans.

You can check out the full press conference by following the Tweet below: