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2013 NFL Draft Grades: The Atlanta Falcon Selection Of Desmond Trufant

Fans grade the Falcons' first round pick, which qualified as a surprise.


The Atlanta Falcons could have gone in a lot of different directions with the draft unfolding the way it did. Knowing that there were cornerback needy teams ahead of them in the first round, they chose to leap up and grab Desmond Trufant at No. 22.

Obviously it cost them some capital to do so, but the Falcons unquestionably got a player they believe will start for them at cornerback for a while. Whether you agree with that or not, it was the reason they were willing to swap a 3rd and 6th in addition to the No. 30 pick in order to go get him.

You have strong feelings of your own, though, which is why I'm asking you for a grade.

Use the poll below to grade Trufant!

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