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2013 NFL Draft Rumors: The Draft Is A Muddle

The closer we get to the 2013 NFL Draft, the less things make sense.

Kevin C. Cox

Sometimes, Gregg Rosenthal sums up everything.

Unfortunately for all of us, Rosenthal is spot on. The frenzy to get draft-related news has had the same effect as a bunch of kids kicking silt at the bottom of a lake. The water's getting murkier.

The Falcons are no exception to that rule. There were clear indications that they were looking for a cornerback and that they might well trade up to get one. Today, the rumors have them going everywhere from all the way up to No. 3 from the Raiders to down into the second round and picking up additional picks. About the only thing no one seems to think they'll do is stick at 30.

I urged you all to embrace how random the draft is, but at this point, we're dealing with stuff that's muddying the picture. If you're waiting for official news, you'll have to wait until the Falcons make the trade or move up. Not a single thing I've heard today has the clear, bell-like sound of legitimacy.

At this point, I'm not backing off my prediction that the Falcons are targeting a cornerback. What I don't know is whether they're going to move up, move back or stay put to get one. If they think they have to dart up to grab the guy they want, they'll do it. If they think they'll only get the guy they want by staying at 30, they'll do that. If they think Jamar Taylor, David Amerson or Darius Slay is available in the top half of the second round and they can safely move down, count on that. Until the draft starts to play out, things aren't getting any less opaque up in here.

Discuss where your mind's at.

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